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How to Buy Adaptive Clothing


Resources to care for seniors like how to buy adaptive clothing is becoming better refined and accessible. There was a time when looking for easy to wear shoes and no stress shirts were hard to come by. But as the need for these products continues to grow so do your options. Taking care of your loved one with cognitive challenges and mobility limitations has never been easier. Continue reading to find the best adaptive clothing currently available on the accessibility market.


Buying Adaptive Shoes

Shoes that are comfortable, stay on and are easy to get in and out of are crucial for a senior’s wardrobe. Caregivers commonly assume that they should purchase shoes in a size up. This is thought to best accommodate for frequently swollen feet. But this can be dangerous. Instead, look for wide fitting, adjustable shoes like this walking shoe. They are made for both indoor and outdoor use, have a non-slip bottom and are easy to clean. Click here to browse through the complete shoe collection available at Silvert’s.


Buying Adaptive Pants

The pants that you choose to buy for your loved one should be “easy.” The easiest can be put on from a seated position. This makes getting dressed easier for both the caregiver and whoever is being cared for. These women’s jeans provide that option and have a multitude of other benefits. They also have an elastic waist, two large back flaps for complete discretion, snap buttons and are washing machine friendly. Click here to shop men’s and women’s adaptable jeans, trousers, track pants, and shorts.


Buying Adaptive Tops

Adaptive tops should be fuss-free and look great. Take this polished-looking men’s “button down” for example. This shirt is secured using concealed snaps at the shoulders, away from any possible pressure points. It opens up completely which allows you to put it on someone without them having to raise their arms. You can view shirts and blouses for any occasion here.


Best Tools for Dressing

There are some tools that make getting dressed even easier.  Use these with your Silvert’s wardrobe for the least stressful dressing experience possible.

Grabber: Grabbers are fantastic claw-like tools with a long arm. They are fantastic for the person you are caring for to have around if their mobility allows them to use it. Most noteworthy, it may give them to freedom to pick things up that they otherwise couldn’t without you.

Shoe-Horn: Your loved one can put on a pair of shoes with a long-handled shoehorn without any bending. Both the waist and knees are protected.


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