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The Best Senior Care Resources


With so much information out there on the topics of caring for the elderly, it is hard to know where to even begin.  Sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant, the experts from the untrained and helpful from the harmful is incredibly challenging.  In an ongoing series, The Giving Care team is putting together its list of go-to senior care resources that we turn to boost our knowledge and make us smile.

A Place for Mom

The blog at is a fantastic resource complete with caregiving tips, insurance and Medicare information, and health news.  The online leader of senior living solutions, A Place for Mom has thrived as a provider that assists families with elder care planning. The blog provides detailed information and articles, many of which are aimed at answering those difficult questions associated with assisted living solutions for the elderly.

For authoritative content when it comes to caregiving, is one of the premier destinations online.  Packed with resources for caregivers, articles and videos, the site definitely delivers on its goal to help with the care of senior loved ones.  They provide training specific to managing several different conditions like Alzheimer’s and arthritis, and even touch on end-of life planning. is truly a great resource that is robust and easy to use.

Just Care aims to make health news easy to understand for caregivers and seniors alike.  Geared primarily towards boomers, the site gathers information from trusted sources across various platforms and presents it in a fun and digestible way. is definitely worth a visit for lighthearted and reliable information on some serious topics.

 Changing Aging

Founded by two long-time advocates of positive aging, Dr. Bill Thomas and Kavan Peterson, has the lofty goal of changing the way we perceive aging.  The site has a roster of talented and knowledgeable contributors who post on an eclectic range of topics related to aging and the elderly.   If you are looking for thoughtful and articulate discussion on topics related to improving the way seniors are thought of and cared for in our society, then this site will surely be one you bookmark and visit often.

Retirement Living is an easy- to-use resource designed to assist individuals in planning and making decisions about their retirement. It helps seniors decide whether or not to move, and if so, finding the right location, lifestyle and housing opportunity. It provides access to an array of resource materials. These include reports on best places to retire, tax information on each state, an online newsletter, books, and online publications, access to buyers guides about special products and services.

There are so many sites we visit on a near-daily basis and countless other superb senior care resources available. We will cover more of them in posts to come. Because we are always trying to empower you with the best tools available.

What sites do you follow?  Let us know in the comments below!

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