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Elderly Adjustable Socks & Comfort Socks

Often times, people don’t think about adjustability of socks, or the stretch of socks. This is why Senior Footwear creates gripper socks that have lots of stretch throughout the entire sock. removes the elastic around the top of the sock so the sock doesn’t create pressure lines around ones calf.

Socks come in all different materials as well so you can pick a sock that suits your body. If you find you are always hot, or have a loved one that is hot, regular socks have added grip on the soles. If your loved one is often cold, cozy fuzzy socks have added grip on the bottom. When you begin to wind down, and don't walk as much, slipper socks can be a good replacement of shoes. If you are wheelchair bound but still stand when going to the bathroom or transferring from wheelchair to bed, they will need secure grip on their feet. Slipper socks are the perfect solution.

Gripper Socks with Traction

For seniors that live in long term care, slip resistant soles are mandatory regardless of if they are wearing shoes or not. If you’re loved one doesn’t want to be in shoes or slippers at all times, you need a solution for slipping socks. For trips to the washroom at night - when you are too tired to worry about putting on slippers – non skid slipper socks for elderly are a great way to stay safe.

Elderly shoes are worn to protect your feet against having any foot problems as well as falls. provides safe and comfortable footwear, striving for excellence in fall prevention and safety. Finding the right pair of shoes for elderly people can be trial and error, so be patient and if you ever have questions you can call to gain more insight to the proper footwear for your loved one. Making sure that your loved one has skid resistant footwear can protect them from skids or falls. Senior Footwear tries to go the extra mile in making sure they are safe in every other way as well.