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Eldery Slippers that Prevent Falls

Adjustable Elderly Slippers:

You want slippers for elderly to always be extra comfortable, especially if it’s the end of a long day and your feet have swelled up. has each touch closure on all their shoes, with lots of room for adjustment.  This added room can be for any type of sock, whether it is a thick sock or thin one, helping with seasonal weather changes. The adjustment can also be for any bandaging or swelling as well. With elderly slippers you may want them to be loose fitting shoes, if you have a lot of swelling, but still enough to keep your foot in place. With the easy touch closures, you can play with the adjustability until you find the perfect fit.  

Skid Resistant Elderly Slippers with Traction:

Traction is the main feature one thinks about in a slip resistant slipper. Senior Footwear has put gripper soles on the bottom of all slippers in order to create a safe shoe for any kind of flooring. Elderly slippers sometimes called old man or old lady slippers should be able to provide ultimate comfort while still being safe. By adding a sole to slippers, it helps to support the foot and to avoid any ankle rolling. With a proper sole as well as a grip on the bottom of the slipper, it minimizes the chances of falling or slipping.

Comfortable Elderly Slippers

Senior Footwear’s Slippers feature a closed heel. This is due to support and comfort. Having a slipper with an open heel makes a flip flop motion. puts cushioning in all of their slippers. Cushioning is incredibly important in absorbing shock. There is a cushioned sole in all of Senior Footwear’s elderly slippers to help absorb the shock from when you take a step. When you take a step, the shock from the step can create an impact. This impact travels from your foot, to your knee, to your hips and can even have an effect on your spine. With proper cushioning, all of your body parts can stay safe.