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Fall Prevention Elderly Footwear

Fall prevention is important to the aging population. As you age, your body becomes more fragile making slips and falls more likely to happen. Silvert’s adaptive clothing and footwear creates shoes for elderly to prevent falls as well as non slip slipper for elderly people. Having proper support and traction in your footwear can help prevent them. However slips and falls can happen indoors just as easily as outdoors. Be sure that your loved one is safe indoors as well as outdoors.

Slip Resistant Elderly Footwear

Slip Resistant elderly footwear falls into three types of footwear: shoes, slippers and slip resistant socks.  It will always have grip on the bottom of it but that will also provide comfort. When finding elderly shoes and slippers for elderly citizens, there are many factors to think about before you make your purchase. You want to find shoes that will be comfortable but that will also reduce the risk of having any foot problems. For shoes, you want to focus on support, traction, adjustability and comfort. For slippers, these four things are also important, but with more focus on traction, adjustability and comfort. Finally if you don’t like wearing shoes or slippers all the time, having comfortable socks is important.

Elderly Shoes that Prevent Falls

Adjustable Senior Shoes

When you buy shoes, you don’t want to have to worry about buying shoes depending on the time of day. By the end of the day, feet tend to swell. Adjustability can help with day to day swelling. Senior Footwear adds a generous amount of hook and loop fastenings on their shoes in order to give an ample of room for adjustment. With easy touch closures, the frustration of having to tie up laces can be eliminated as well. Lowered hand dexterity tends to happen with old age, making tying up laces a difficult and trying task. When tying up laces becomes too difficult, you risk having loose fitting shoes. With footwear, that struggle is eliminated.

Elderly Shoe Support

Having proper support is incredibly helpful in fall prevention. Pronation and supination is a natural movement of your foot and ankle. These are the natural roll inward and outward of your foot as you take a step. However if you do not have the proper heel or arch support, this can create supination or pronation problems in the foot and ankle. These problems can lead to a weaker foot which can increase the risk of falling and rolling an ankle. shoes provide added arch support as well as heel support. Arch support is added into the removable insoles; making the shoes orthotic friendly if you have your own. If you don’t own insoles, shoes provide added cushioning on the arch area, to give your foot more support.

Elderly Shoes with Slip Resistant Traction

Traction is a key feature in any slip resistant shoe. Senior Footwear provides grip on all shoes in order to help prevent falls indoors as well as outdoors. Senior Footwear shoes double as an indoor outdoor walking shoe, so the grip can aid in the slippery tendencies of elements (such as rain or snow), but can also provide safety when walking indoors from the outdoors. The traction is made with a thick sole, and a slightly raised heel for added support. A raised heel will help seniors from rocking backwards when they walk, keeping them upright and stable. The raised heel in combination with traction will also help propel the body forward. This plays a big part in a safe walking shoe (sometimes referred to as old man shoes or old lady shoes); having the proper traction will allow the propelling motion and in tandem, make walking less of a strain on the body.

Comfortable Elderly Shoes makes footwear with materials that will stretch with the foot. creates shoe with materials such as neoprene so the shoe can stretch with any bunions or swelling. As the day goes on, our feet will swell, regardless of how active we are. As we age this swelling tends to get worse. Deep toe boxes are added to help combat any vertical swelling. In addition, there is added cushioning in the heel of the insole to provide added cushioning in every shoe. A thick sole is added to absorb shock when you take a step. Help in absorbing shock can help any foot pain when stepping. This can help get your loved one back on their feet again. Senior provides many different types of shoes; including walking shoes, to casual shoes.